Offshore Engineering: 2 Buoy Mooring Analysis with 80,000 DWT "Supramax" Bulk Carrier

Image Caption: Mooring Analysis for "Supramax" Bulk Carrier

As part of the 148ha land reclamation project for the Singapore Government’s largest industrial landlord JTC (Jurong Town Corporation), three mooring slops (six mooring buoys) are to be installed at Jurong Island Westward Extension reclamation areas.  During the reclamation process a maximum of one bulk carrier is to be moored at any one time for one position. The objective of the analysis is to design and assess the 2 buoy mooring system for a “SUPRAMAX” bulk carrier between LOA of 189m to 200m.

The aim of the study is to determine the characteristics of the two buoy mooring system based on the size of the bulk carrier and to determine the maximum tension in the mooring lines for the worst case scenario, i.e. the mother vessel having a Hopper Barge on one side and one Flat Top Barge on the other side performing simultaneous side by side offloading transfer of sand. Based on this requirement, GB Marine is carrying out calculations for various anchor patterns to minimize the mooring line tensions and vessel excursion and simultaneously to minimize the mooring requirement.


P1640 Mooring Analysis
2 Buoy Mooring Analysis with 80,000 DWT "Supramax" Bulk Carrier