Offshore Engineering: Salvage of Banglar Shourabh

GB Marine was requested to propose methods to refloat / salvage the vessel for safe passage to Chittagon dry dock for repair.

GB Marine proposed to float the aft and forward hull in such a way that each portion of the hull provided its own buoyancy and positive stability. As the proximity of the aft hull was closer to the damaged area of the vessel, it was important to maintain even keel as far as practicable to avoid bending the bottom plate in the damaged area between the hulls. Also, to further stabilize the aft hull, Sponson's were introduced on each side of the aft hull. Both hulls stability were checked to ensure stability is sufficient for wind pressure up to 50 knots. Ensuring stability and even keel for both hulls was important as it was quite possible that during refloating operations and the journey to dry dock, the damaged bottom plate connecting the two hulls might break and create in essence two smaller hulls.

Subsequent to the successful refloat and tow to dry dock, GB Marine was further retained to modify the vessel and bring it back under Bureau Veritas Class.

 Banglar Shourabh IMG 2    Banglar Shourabh IMG 3  
Before Vessel Salvage and Repair    After Vessel Salvage and Repair