Vessel Conversion: "Solitaire" conversion from Bulk Carrier to World Largest Pipelaying Vessel

Allseas "Solitaire" Bulkcarrier to Pipelay Conversion

The vessel Solitaire was the largest conversion project of its type in Singapore at the time, and is still one of the largest s-lay pipe-laying vessels of its kind in the world. Many of the engineering design work required for the conversion of the bulk carrier to a pipelay vessel was done indirectly by GB Marine for use by the end user Allseas. All Solitaire Pipe-Lay Vessel conversion project work assigned to GB Marine by shipyard was completed successfully by GB Marine.

General Specifications:

  • Approx. 300m Length
  • Displacement 70,000 tons
  • Diesel Electric Propulsion and Power System
  • 8 Generators of 6000KW each

Scope of Work:

  • Design of general arrangement
  • Vessel Stability (Intact and Damage)
  • Engineering design of crane foundations and overhead crane
  • Engineering design of double joint factory
  • Engineering design of deck house structures
  • Structural and miscellaneous drawings
  • Engineering design of the electrical distribution systems


  • Laying Large Diameter Pipe at Rate of 6km/day
  • Storage of 40-ft pipe sections up to 60-in diameter, capable of producing 80-ft sections
  • Six storage holds with capacity of 14,625 tons of pipe
  • 7 wielding stations
  • Assemble and install pipe in S-Lay fashion to water depths exceeding 10,000 feet
  • Dynamic Positioning System
  • Crew Complement: 420 People