Coastal Oil Tanker Translub

 New Vessel Design: Coastal Tanker "Translub"


Image Caption: Coastal Tanker "Translub" designed by GB Marine. Photo Credit: Martin Klingsick; Source: 

The vessel "Translub" is a coastal oil tanker designed by GB Marine. The vessel has been designed for carrying bunkering fuel to vessels offshore. The vessel design features facilitates it being able to operate within shallow waters by the coast and to transport and offload bunker fuel rapidly and efficiently. The primary use of this type of coastal oil tanker is to supply bunker fuel to larger vessels located further offshore who are unable to approach the coast due to shallow waters. 

General Specifications  
Designer : GB Marine
Vessel Type : Coastal Oil Tanker
Speed : 9 Knots
Principle Characteristics  
Length Overall :   26.00 m
Length B. P. :   24.20 m
Breadth Moulded :     7.50 m
Depth Moulded :     3.80 m
Draft :     2.50 m
Deadweight :     191 MT
Complement :   8 Persons
Deck and Mission Equipment  
Main Engine : 400 BHP @ 1800 RPM
Harbour Generators : 20KW / 50 Hz. @ 1500 RPM 3 DIA
Diesel Generator Set : 60KW /50 Hz. @ 1500 RPM 3 DIA
Deck Equipment Anchors : Bow Stockless Anchors x 2
Tank Capacity  
Fresh Water Tank (P & S) : 2 x 6 m3
Fuel Oil Tank (P & S) : 2 x 10 m3
Fuel Oil Tank (P & S) : 2 x 33 m3
Flash Point : Above 60o C.