Tug Boat Kandari 7

 New Vessel Design: Harbour Tug "Kandari 7"


Image Caption: The Vessel "Kandari 7" is a Harbour Tug designed by GB Marine.

The Coastal Tug "Kandari 7" is an example of a 28 m coastal tug design by GB Marine. This type of coastal tug is equipped with heavy duty towing gear located at the aft, and is designed to maximize thrust.  Special design features of the tug include bollard pull, push, and the ability to go up against the high speed current present in estuaries for various operational reasons. The power can vary according to the intended service.


General Specifications  
Designer : GB Marine
Vessel Type : Twin Screw Tug Boat
Speed :    Knots
Principle Characteristics  
Length Overall :   27.50 m
Length Between Perpendicular :   24.90 m
Breadth Moulded :     9.00 m
Depth Moulded :     4.50 m
Draft :     3.00 m
Complement :   12 Persons
Decks and Mission Equipment  
Main Engine with Gearbox : 850 BHP @ 1800 RPM with Reverse Gear Box
Main Generator : 60 KVA. 440V/230V, 3PH, 5PH, 50Hz