Log Carrier Siti Aishah

 New Vessel Design: Log Carrier Vessel “MV Siti Aishah”


 Image Caption: Log Carrier MV Siti Aishah, designed by GB Marine

The carriage of logs at sea is a specialized trade, and the design of vessels such as "Siti Aishah", carrying such cargo need to emphasize stability, structural and visible integrity. Securing the logs on deck requires proper lashing and suitably designed cargo stanchions, both important for vessel stability in the instance of bad weather when the cargo can shift.The cargo load must allow adequate visibility for safe navigation, and must not exceed the designed maximum permissible load on the weather deck and hatches.  

General Specifications  
Designer : GB Marine
Vessel Type : Log Carrier
Speed : 13 Knots
Principle Characteristics  
Length Overall :   99.90 m
Length B. P. :   93.50 m
Breadth Moulded :   19.50 m
Depth Moulded :     8.50 m
Draft :     6.20 m
Deadweight :   7000 MT
Complement :   22 Persons
Deck and Mission Equipment  
Main Generators : 5280 BHP @ 210 RPM
Aux Engine : 320 KW @ 720 RPM
Deck Equipment Anchors : Stockless Bower Anchor 3060 KG
Cargo Winch 1 : 25 T Derrick 7.5T x 45 M/min. 2 step
Cargo Winch 2  : 30 T Derrick 7.5T x 45 M/min. 2 step
Topping Winch 1  : 25 T Derrick 7.5T x 30 M/min. 1 step
Topping Winch 2  : 30 T Derrick 7.5T x 30 M/min. 1 step
 Thomson Cargo Gear      1G               2G              3G             4G
 1. Safety Working Load     25T              30T             30T           25T
 2. Boom Effective Length  ~18.0m        ~18.5m       ~21.0m     ~20.0m